Praise For The Power of Pets

The Power of Pets provides an insight into the intimate relationships that many people experience with animals and provides an opportunity for healing and growth when that relationship ends. As a veterinarian and Faculty Advisor of the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Loss Support Hotline, I have researched and experienced first hand the power of the human – animal bond most specifically with grief and loss. After connecting with Marybeth, I have found her enthusiasm and genuine concern and desire in helping others through their grief inspirational. In this book, she will lead you on a journey in recognizing the gifts pets give to us with compassion and empowerment.

Dr Michael Meehan BVSc, BSc(hons), PhD
Faculty Advisor for OVC Pet Loss Support Hotline,
Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

In this book, Marybeth Haines shares on a subject that is universal worldwide. She provides insightful support with the grieving process along with effective steps towards healing and recovery. The Power of Pets is a book every pet lover should have.

Tamar Geller
Founder; The Loved Dog™
Life Coach for Dogs and their People
NY Times Best Selling Author

The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss is a book that has the ability to change people’s lives in a powerful and positive way. The collaboration of wisdom using practical tools for healing is found within the pages of this book.

We have experienced the challenges, missing our beloved pet and the feelings of unhappiness. The tools in this book will empower you with courage to take each step.

Dr. Marty Becker
“America’s Veterinarian”Author of 24 books Featured correspondent on Veterinary contributor for Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz show.

I’ve read dozens of books, many of which were extremely helpful. This book is different as Marybeth Haines shares healing in a new light. Using the tools outlined in this book reinforces to me how powerful healing can be and is an invaluable tool for anyone who is experiencing the loss of a pet.

Barbara Cartwright
CEO, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

Marybeth understands what it’s like to grieve AND to heal. She shares powerful tools that you can implement immediately with empowerment and inspiration. As a skilled pet trainer, I highly recommend The Power of Pets to anyone who has loved and lost a pet. The bond and connection are immeasurable and this book will support you in moving forward into healing.

Mikkel Becker
The Fearless Trainer
Animal trainer for
Syndicated columnist and author

The love of a pet – and for a pet – is forever. When a pet passes on, our world can fall apart. Fortunately, we have a compassionate ally in Marybeth Haines. Her must-read book, The Power of Pets, delivers invaluable tools for anyone coping with the loss of a pet.

Arden Moore
The Pawsitive Coach™ and author of What Dogs Want

Every pet lover experiences grief and loss at some point. Marybeth Haines approaches the topic of loss in a way that is as practical as it is profound. The Power of Pets will take you on a journey from acknowledging the loss to moving forward into healing. This book is one that everyone should keep on hand for themselves or for a friend.

Kim Campbell Thornton
Award-winning journalist and author of
more than 25 pet care books

I highly recommend The Power of Pets as an invaluable tool for anyone who is experiencing the loss of a pet and is ready to move beyond the grief. Marybeth’s passion and desire in helping others are present from the moment you meet her or read her books.

Gerry Robert
International Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset

In The Power of Pets, Marybeth Haines reinforces the impactful role of how pets have become such an important part of our lives. They are our family members and friends. If you have experienced the loss of a pet and are ready to take the next step in healing from grief, I highly encourage you to read this book.

Mary Siemiesz
Executive Director Purina PetCare Legacy
Nestlé Purina Pet Care Canada

Weaving her own perspectives and experiences with those of others, Marybeth Haines has created an easy-to-read, practical resource for those grieving the loss of a pet. From the very first page, she joins the reader as if in the same room, conversing as one’s best friend at a time of need. Hope, the element that sustains us to every tomorrow, is threaded throughout her book as she sensitively guides the reader through the seven tools. The Power of Pets is a welcome addition to the world’s library of books that recognize and celebrate the human-animal bond.

Debbie Stoewen DVM, MSW, RSW, PhD
CEO (Care and Empathy Officer) Pets Plus Us

As a veterinarian, I can appreciate that people do not always receive the support they need from friends, family, and co-workers after losing a beloved pet. Marybeth’s book is invaluable for pet owners as they move through their loss and open their hearts to the healing power of the human-animal bond.

Dr. Colleen Skavinsky, DVM
Chief Veterinary Officer
Western Financial Insurance Company

Through The Power of Pets, Marybeth highlights the significant role pets play in our lives. This book helps empower the reader to heal and to move past grief, making it an effective tool to support pet owners experiencing loss.

Jessica Danelon
Communication & Corporate Affairs Director
Royal Canin Canada