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I truly understand how grief and loss can affect your life and that it takes time to heal. Through my own personal experiences, I have learned that healing can be difficult and many challenges present themselves along the way.

I’ve also learned of a way to be able to gain back the control of the feelings and emotions that often feel disempowering. The work that I have done in the area of healing has been a real life changer for me and I’m here to remind you that this is possible for you too!

During my years in social services and counselling, I developed plans with my clients to help them overcome many obstacles with success. My passion lies in being able to share with you how you can take the necessary steps to gain your life back and feel in control once again.

Pets are meant to be celebrated for the many gifts that they give to us. Let me show you how you can take this time of healing and move it forward into something positive and empowering!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you The Power of Pets Inspirational Healing Series!

For Adults


The Power of Pets


From Empty To Empowered



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