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Pet Loss Support

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The following tools are designed to assist you with the feelings associated with grief and loss.
They support you in honouring your pets in tribute and celebration.

You are invited to download these FREE tools to compliment your healing journey.

A. The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss

TPOP Companion Journal 3D SIngle

The Power of Pets Companion Journal

This journal has been created to be used with
The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss.

If you do not yet have your FREE copy (downloadable) of The Power of Pets book, CLICK HERE and fill out the BLUE BOX that says “Receive FREE Book & Pet Loss Support” and a copy will be sent to you immediately.

Click the image above to download a FREE copy of the companion journal.  It has been designed for you to fill in and use right on your computer.  After each chapter, use this journal to further support your healing journey.

Be sure to “save” your journal to your computer each time you use it to keep your most recent work.

B. Printable Worksheets

Alternately, if you wish to have something to physically write on with your Companion Journal, you are invited to print out the following worksheets:

Daily Affirmations

Tool 1 Recognition

Tool 2 Granting Permission

Tool 3 Learning

Tool 4 Personal Empowerment

Tool 5 Receiving Guidance

Tool 6 Taking Action

Tool 7 Gifts of Many

C. From Empty To Empowered – A Journey To Healing From Unexpected  Pet Loss

Healing Checklist

5 Essential Steps For Healing as noted in book:
From Empty To Empowered – A Journey To Healing From Unexpected Pet Loss


Click the image above to access your FREE printable copy.  Place beside your bed, in your purse, wallet or anywhere you can see to guide and remind you each day.

D. Printable Letter of Expression


Writing a letter to your pet can be a powerful way to release emotions and maintain connection to you pet you miss so dearly.  Writing pen to paper expresses through releasing and is an important aspect of your active mourning process.

As taken from pages 40 to 43 in the book From Empty To Empowered, this is your FREE and personal downloadable letter.  Click here to download:  Printable Letter of Expression .

E. More Healing Tools


Moving Beyond Grief
5 Power Principles to Facilitate Healing

Each choice we make in life affects our overall outcome. The simple act of changing the way you think or say things can yield powerful results. Sometimes we need guidance to steer us in the right direction.

If you are looking for an empowering way to implement strategies and tools to help make your life a more positive one for healing to take place, then these 5 power principals are for you.

Click the image above to download this book for FREE.

The Power of Pets for Children


Girl And Pomeranian Dog courtesy of: khunaspix /

Click Here for FREE Download
Worksheet for children experiencing pet loss