Healing Videos

Marybeth Haines and the amazing folks at Talent Hounds teamed up together to talk about healing from the loss of a beloved pet.

In these videos you will learn:

* 7 effective tools to use in healing
* How animals touch our lives
* A powerful poem to bring comfort as you heal

Healing From Tragic Pet Loss

A Moving Love Story Only Time Heals

I Am Not Gone

An empowering message I received in a dream from a friend that died during my teenage years. 31 years later, he appeared in my dream with an empowering message to share. I shared this message at the World Pet Loss Memorial Day Remembrance Vigil.

The Difference Between A Car Accident and Grieving

Did you know that your body responds to the stress with the loss of a pet the same way as if you were in a physical car accident? If our bodies respond to this stress in the same way, why are we not giving the attention we need when it comes to healing? In this short video, I share with you just how this works and what you can do to help yourself.

Creating a Safe Space

Have you created your “Safe Space” yet? In this video, watch to learn how you can create your very own safe space and what can happen once you do.