The Power of Pets For Children

Honouring Our Children and Supporting Their Journey

Often times, we have pets in our lives before we have children. When children join our family, a transition takes place on everyone’s part; parents, pets and children. As the family grows together, children become attached to their furry brother or sister and with the sense of normalcy to have them in their lives.

When a pet passes away, this may create a time of uncertainty for your child as they begin processing their first experience of death. Because you are trying to heal AND help your children as well, support is available and you are not alone. 

The Power of Pets For Children offers you:

  • practical steps to help your child heal
  • assistance with understanding how children process grief
  • understanding and a safe space in which to provide guidance and support to your child
  • tools and strategies for you as a parent or caregiver with children as you are healing too

Tools of Support (click to view)


Marybeth and Ventriloquist Kellie Haines have teamed together in providing a safe space in which to play, learn and most importantly heal from the death of a pet.  Join your child in healing with this interactive book and provide to them a structure of active mourning so they can heal in a supportive environment.  This book is best suited for children ages 5 – 10 years, however can be adapted to support older children as well.


CLICK HERE to learn more and/or purchase this book.


Coming Soon! – The Power of Pets for Children Healing Program

During this time together, your children will receive:

  1. Video #1: It’s Okay to Be Sad

  2. Video #2: I Remember My Pet

  3. Video #3: KTV Dance Party

  4. Bonus Video: Learn How To Do Ventriloquism

  5. Worksheet: My Pet’s Gifts To Me

  6. Colouring Pages:  Kamilla and Magrau   

  7. Parent/Caregiver Resources: Helping Feelings of Guilt, Things You Can Do As A Family, Ways to Help Your Child Heal, Children’s Book Resources

Stay tuned for more program details to be shared in the coming weeks.


Kellie Haines - Revision 3 - 02-08-2016 (RGB)


Kellie Haines with Magrau the Bird and Kamilla the Frog