The Power of Pets For Pet Professionals

Finding Balance – Honouring The Role of Pet Professionals

The death of a pet is an emotional process. Professional teams working front line supporting animals and those who love them are continuously being asked for help from clients in making the best decision for their furry family member at the end of life. Often times, pet professionals working front line can experience overwhelm, burnout and exhaustion. Performing euthanasia, supporting clients with death and bereavement support every day can take its toll.

  • What about the repercussions that can occur when you are continuously giving to others but not yourself?
  • How do you give your best when supporting a client with pet loss?
  • Do you find yourself wondering how to keep your well of mental, emotional and physical health full and still give your heart to those you serve?

Veterinary clinics, rescue and animal related services will benefit from Marybeth’s empowering coaching and presentations.  You will leave with practical tools to feel good, take action and inspire yourself as you remember your value and serve your clients with the best support. Become empowered on how you can continue to unite with your teams as you guide and serve in your professional role.

Post Presentation Takeaways

1. Identify the many pearls of wisdom we receive from animals and how connecting to pets brings many gifts in which to celebrate.

2. Gain clarity on how animals can enhance your life personally, professionally, spiritually and emotionally.

3. Learn how to give L.O.V.E when providing support to your clients and friends in healing from the loss of a beloved pet.

4. Empower yourself with healing in doing the best that you can while identifying the challenges and obstacles that will happen. Learn how you can overcome these while utilizing the gifts we receive from our animal friends.



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