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Pet Loss Support

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The following tools are designed to assist you with the feelings associated with grief and loss. They will support you in honouring your pets in tribute and celebration.

You are invited to download these FREE tools to compliment your healing journey.

A. FREE Book; The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss



If you do not yet have your FREE copy (downloadable) of The Power of Pets book, CLICK HERE and fill out the BLUE BOX that says “Receive FREE Book & Pet Loss Support” and a copy will be sent to you immediately. You will also receive a Healing From Loss email support program at no additional charge as my special gift to you.

B. Daily Affirmations For Healing

Download Your Printable Daily Affirmations By Clicking This Photo

Healing from loss can be hard and we often feel certain emotions and think specific thoughts that are not empowering because of the pain we are feeling. This printable page contains affirmations that you can keep with you and recite out loud any time you feel you need an empowering boost.

We never truly get over the loss we feel, but we can certainly help ourselves as we work through it. Try it for 3 weeks and see how your outlook changes. Click the link below to access your own personal affirmation list.

C. Healing Checklist

5 Essential Steps For Healing as noted in book:
From Empty To Empowered – A Journey To Healing From Unexpected Pet Loss


Click the image for your own Healing Checklist

Click the image above to access your FREE printable copy.  Place beside your bed, in your purse, wallet or anywhere you can see to guide and remind you each day.

D. Printable Letter of Expression


Click this image to write a letter to your pet

Writing a letter to your pet can be a powerful way to release emotions and maintain connection to your pet you miss so dearly.  Writing pen to paper expresses through releasing and is an important aspect of your active mourning process.

As taken from pages 40 to 43 in the book From Empty To Empowered, this is your FREE and personal downloadable letter.  Click here to download:  Printable Letter of Expression .

E. The Power of Pets for Children

Helping Children Heal


Most times, the loss of a pet is a child’s first experience with death and it’s important to support them in the best way. By clicking the image above, or using the links down below, you can download a printable page to help your child actively mourn their loss through their creative mind and access FREE articles in learning how to help them best.

Additional tools for helping children heal:

​​​​​​​Children and Grief Articles

Children’s Healing Worksheet

5. Healing Videos

Click the image above to view Healing Videos with Marybeth


Are you looking for some more support and like to watch visuals? CLICK HERE and you will be brought to my special videos page where there are uplifting, informative and healing messages for you. Become inspired and take your healing to the next step as we walk together side by side in healing.

6. Amongst Friends Private Facebook Group

Click this Image to join the Amongst Friends Private Facebook group


Grieving is hard work and did you know that it is traumatic to the body as well? Because grief affects both our body and mind, it is important to remember that this will take time.

The only way to heal the pain is to move through it and it’s important to take care of yourself when doing so.

You are invited to join like minded friends who are also experiencing sadness from the loss of their beloved pet.

When you are ‘Amongst Friends’, you are giving yourself the gift of support. Please join us by clicking on the image above or by CLICKING HERE.