Guest Spotlight: Everything Has Both a Beginning and an End

Everyday, I have the absolute honour of meeting fellow pet lovers and enthusiasts.  Not only do we connect over our love of pets, we connect because of the passion of the work that we do.

It is a pleasure to share today’s guest post from Cheryl Orletsky of DogGuru in Toronto, Ontario.  In this valuable and informative post, Cheryl shares with us about life transitions, life acceptance and her own experience both personally and professionally on this very touching subject.

Cheryl, thanks for visiting with us and sharing.  Your message is  heart-felt and is something we can all relate to.

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Everything Has Both a Beginning and an End

Life transitions can be extremely difficult and painful, understandably so. Why would we want something that is enjoyable, comforting, something we like, to come to an end.

I had a dream just the other night about my two ‘girls’… Minnie and Delilah… who are my two dogs that passed away over the last Cheryl and dogs paintingfew years. It was a beautiful dream where we were all together again, and having a wonderful romp in the park. Once I awoke, I shed some tears… when I remembered that they were no longer with me in my ‘physical’ world. Sure there’s still a part of me that wishes they never had to go, however I am comforted by the ease that I can now enjoy my thoughts and memories of them, yet still express my sorrow, whenever it comes up.

Recently at our dog daycare and completely cagefree boarding facility, we have had a few clients dealing with losing their dogs, all due to old age. This is one of the inevitable realities of being in business for 16 years… we see our client’s pets through their entire lives. It is also one of the gifts.

Most recently is Kody, a gentle and sweet Golden Retriever who has come to Holiday PetKodyCare since 1999.  That’s right… he was in his 15th year of life. We were able to share the love of his beautiful soul while he was on the planet, and although his family have become very close in my heart over the years, I would say that it’s even more so now.
Losses of this kind of grace and beauty can be incredibly hard.

Acceptance is the Way

Saying that life transitions can be easier, does not mean they will be emotion-free. Rather, it’s about acceptance.

  • I accept that change must happen.
  • I accept that endings must happen to allow for new beginnings.
  • I accept that whatever emotions need to come, they will, and I will allow them.

Resistance is the thing that makes us miserable.

Yes, change is inevitable, however acceptance is a choice… a powerful life-changing choice!

I can tell you through personal experience, that once I embraced and began the ‘acceptance’ of all that is, my life evolved to became more peaceful, joyful and connected to other beings and the world.

Gratitude is Where We Start

I have a colleague, Marybeth Haines, who has recently launched a book called “The Power of Pets: 7 Effective Tools to Heal from Pet Loss” In this book, her Tool #7 speaks about Gratitude. (She calls it “Gifts of Many”)

Gratitude has been huge for me. I encourage myself to see the good in any situation, to count my blessings, and to look for anything and everything I am grateful for. (Yes, some days, it’s just being grateful for my morning tea… however it is a good start.)

Seeing what my pets have taught me, has been truly eye opening. Now that I have begun speaking to others about the gifts they gave to me, it has enriched my classes, given way more power to my message, which in turn inspires my students to do great things.

In addition, I have started to turn the ‘end’ into a new beginning. Delilah is now my inspiration for a much ‘bigger picture’ for my work in this world…
and for whom I ultimately wish to help in this world (rescue workers, and rescue animals).


Every day, every minute, every second we are given choices. I choose to accept what is, to feel what I feel, and to be grateful for everything I can.

With love,

Cheryl, the DogGuru

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Cheryl Orletsky, the DogGuru, is the author of the forthcoming book “The Truth About Dog Training: Myths, Methods, Fads & Facts”. She is the founder and director of Holiday Pet Care, a Completely Cagefree™ pet care facility located just outside of Toronto, Canada. She is also the founder of the Dog Manners System™, the DogGuru Pet First Aid Certificate Course, and Pet Care 101: Training to Work in the Pet Care Industry™, proven step-by-step programs, that shows you exactly how to understand and change your dog’s behaviour, and for the Pet Pros, to be confident & trained to be working in the Pet Care Industry! To get your FREE subscription to her training & pet care success articles as well as workshop and course announcements, visit For her boarding and daycare facility, please visit



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