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A December To Remember - An Honour & Tribute To Our Pets

An invitation to honour your pet just like they would want.

The love of a pet is a love like no other. The joy, laughter and so much more are gifts that they bring to us and are immeasurable. Our pets ask for nothing in return and are willing to give and give. When the time comes for our pets to pass, we hurt deeply. Sometimes it hurts so much that we don’t know how we will ever heal.

This is where I would like to make a change and invite you to take healing from pet loss to a new direction. If you’ve loved and lost a pet, your heart is very big. Many of us have felt the pain so deeply and would do anything to bring our pets back if we could.

On this Christmas Day December 25th, I sincerely invite you to unite together all around the world in honour and tribute to our pets of yesterday. Let’s join in this global initiative and do something our pets would want us to do…CELEBRATE THEM!

When you look at the gifts under your tree, take a really good look and see the gifts there from your pet. Can you see them?

These gifts are there for you in the form of beauty, of colours and lights. The magnificent glow, the beautifully wrapped gifts, the wrapping paper and ribbon; these are all symbolic of the many gifts from your pet to you.

What magnificent gifts and one to use in remembering your sweet boy or girl that has touched your life so deeply.

Merry Christmas to you. Wishing you the very best for a brand new year and looking forward to continued connection.

Let’s remember; PETS are for LIFE! Let’s honour, remember and celebrate together.

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