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A Video For You - Let's Celebrate Our Pets!

It always brings me such amazement when I realize how fast another year has gone by. Reflecting back on the previous year, I am reminded of all of you, my fellow pet lovers that I have had the honour and the pleasure of connecting with.

The power of the internet is phenomenal as I am in Canada and yet I’ve made amazing new friends all around the world. The Power of Pets community has grown into Canada, United States, the Netherlands, South Africa, Asia and Germany…just to name a few!

One thing that I would like to point out about all of these connections is that they would not have happened if it wasn’t for one thing…..the love of our pets! Our pets have united us together and that is something to celebrate!

This time of year also bring forth feelings of emotion reflecting time spent with our pets that are no longer with us.

Today, I light a candle and dedicate this flame of light to all of you and all of our pets. In honour of our pets of today and in memory of our pets of yesterday. Wishing you the very best this very moment and every moment moving forward.

Enjoy this video and let’s join together in celebrating our pets!

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