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Do You Have An Emergency Plan For Your Pet?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

The other night, I was thinking about our current fire extinguisher that we have for our home. Then I started thinking of power outages and how I hadn’t checked our flashlights. Did we have a radio that took batteries? When you finally have time to sleep and put your mind to rest in bed, why is it that at these times, we are flooded with things to think about?

Safety was on my mind after hearing about the storms and floods from various places around the world. Mr. Mooshie my cat must have felt my wheels turning in my brain because he got up and started chewing on my hair. Now both of us were awake so I tiptoed out of the bedroom to make up a list of what to put in my next blog. I wanted this blog to be on safety and tips for safety with pets in emergencies. Mr. Mooshie must have known he would be in my blog. He is one smart cat!

Do you ever hear about something several times in a short amount of time? That something could be a person that you need to connect with, or something on TV that mirrors something that you are working on in your own life? Our veterinary clinic is called the Martindale Animal Clinic and they are absolutely wonderful. When I read their recent newsletter, I found the subject to be very interesting. The article gave the reader tips on how to include pets in your household emergency plan. Maybe I glanced over this article before I went to bed? Maybe there is no proper time to write a blog? I’m wide awake and Mooshie is now comfortably sleeping on the sofa.

I learned from the Martindale Animal Clinic newsletter that it is smart to think about a person you can drop your pet off with, ahead of time so in the state of an emergency, you know what to do. Pet friendly hotels and boarding facilities were also mentioned as things to keep on your radar in case of emergency.

They also included the link from Public Safety Canada which I thought was very smart. This link includes tips on how to keep your pets safe in case of emergency! You can click on this link and make your list.

Doing your homework before an emergency will allow you to go into auto pilot mode and get the job done. I want everyone in my home to be safe including my pets who are a part of my family. I laugh as Mooshie is getting up and asking if it’s feeding time. I had better get to bed and I feel better having finished this blog. Tomorrow is a new day and I have a feeling that by tomorrow I will be ‘feeling’ more prepared.

I wish to especially thank everyone at Martindale Animal Clinic for sending me this newsletter. It is with pleasure that I “share it forward” with you.

With love and blessings,


Marybeth & Mr. Mooshie

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