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Healing Through Pen To Paper

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When we are healing the loss of our beloved Pet (or healing from any type of grief or loss), many times, we have a myriad of thoughts going through our minds, sometimes making sense and sometimes not.

Often we may feel like we have thoughts that appear to be spinning around in circles.

Journaling can be a very effective tool for healing. It is a tool that is non judgmental and unconditional. It allows you to release thoughts, feelings and emotions that have been built up inside in a safe way.

Usually we do not allow full expression of how we feel when it comes to healing through Pet loss. Anger, sadness, anxiety and fear can be left to build up inside ourselves and come out at the most inappropriate time.

It’s like shaking a can of pop and not expecting it to explode. The carbonated bubbles build pressure until it finally blows through the top. Releasing our emotions in a safe, constructive and healing manner is very important. And having an outlet in which to do so is a valuable resource for healing.

Journaling is an open-ended, unstructured activity. It creates an opportunity for the flow of thoughts and feelings openly and freely.

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Letting your pen meet the paper and allowing your words to form into sentences is an absolutely wonderful way for releasing and healing.

Many times people aren’t sure where to start. And that’s okay. There is no right or wrong place when starting.

Some prefer to draw instead of write.

Whatever is the BEST way for you is the RIGHT way.

Try it and see, embrace this time for you and let the release flow through into healing.

I wish you peace in your heart and love in your soul. And I encourage you to remember that each step, even if it’s a baby step, brings you one step closer to your healing.

Love and hugs,


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