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Heroic Pets - 3 Things You Can Do To Honour Pets And Animals

Do you know of a pet hero? We are surrounded by them every day!

On Monday, May 6th, I was honoured to be invited and attend the 46th annual Purina Hall of Fame ceremony.

Every year, 4 heroic animals are chosen and inducted in the Purina Hall of Fame. These animals have done heroic acts in saving their owners from harm….some even losing their life in the process.

Experiencing first hand the stories and what these precious animals do for us every day is something that I will always hold with much respect.

Here are 3 things that you can do to honour pets and animals everywhere:

1. If you haven’t already today, take a moment and thank your pet for ALL they do. Their presence is filled with many gifts that they give to you every day. If you are out walking and see another animal, take a moment to yourself in gratitude for having them there.

2. Did you know that when you truly open yourself up to “look”, “listen” and “feel”, you will be surprised to see how much animals communicate with you in their own individual ways? Try it and see, what do you see, hear and feel?

3. If your pet is no longer with you, perhaps they have passed away….I invite you to take a moment to remember them in honour and tribute. Say “This one’s for you!….thank you for your many gifts”. Their gifts still remain and that is something to celebrate.

Meskie – Saved Cheryl’s life from a house fire. Honoured by Rick Campanelli, co-host of ET Canada.

To view all the heroic animals that were inducted into the Purina Hall of Fame, you can view my Facebook page by clicking HERE to learn of their amazing stories. They will most certainly touch your heart.

This post is dedicated to all our pets of today and yesterday….to all the animals that perform heroic acts every day. Thinking of and thanking ALL of our pets for their unselfish and unconditional love.

To pets and animals everywhere, words cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my life. From my heart to yours, connecting together….THANK YOU!

You are the heroes in my life! ♥

Love and hugs,


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