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New Beginning

The holiday season is here and the year of 2012 is coming to completion. A new year is right around the corner. Welcome 2013!

Back in my teens, my father used to say something to me in the early mornings of each day that has held strong with me into adulthood.

I would wake up to get ready for school and be tired and groggy. He would be wide awake and say to me: “Marybeth, it’s a brand new day with brand new experiences to be had! That’s exciting!”

I’ve taken his words, used them daily and continued to keep them close to my heart.

At this time of year especially, I am reminded of friends and family who are near and dear. I also spend time reflecting on memories of those who are no longer here and focus on how I can use the many gifts that still live on to help me in moving forward.

I would like to reach out to you in the sharing of these memories reminding you that we are in this together.

When we come together as a collective, we continue to heal, grow and recognize the many blessings that are available to us.

Today, I light a candle and dedicate this flame of light to all of you! May your days be filled with everything that you desire. Wishing you the very best this very moment and every moment moving forward.

Love and hugs,


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