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The Answers Found In Nature - A Story About Horses

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend and one of my partners with The Power of Pets book shared with me something very empowering. Helen Hobbs with Pets at Peace – Pet Loss and Memorial Services sent me a video on You Tube.

I’m excited to write about this because I have always felt a significant resonance with horses and often refer to them as “magnificent creatures”. The information I’ve found on the horse-human connection is something that I can relate to and have related to since I was a child.

Perhaps the lessons I’ve learned through watching horses at an early age has had some impact in shaping my adult life? I certainly use my intuition to guide me. I often think back to my past when I would watch horses react before a storm, or before I knew there would be a storm. My dad would tell me to watch animals for signs of ‘things to come’ like storms or noises that I couldn’t hear or sense myself.

I’ve discovered a new person to admire for their work with animals. Liz Mitten is a grandmother amongst other things, who has written a book called “One With The Herd-A Spiritual Journey.” I watched the video about her work and felt a sense of relief as I watched her horses run along beside her, without being forced. There is nothing more soothing for me than to see animals and people at play together.

At her 320 acre ranch, her herd of horses are free to roam. In the summer, they sleep in the meadows and come down to eat the hay available to them, while in winter, they prefer to sleep in the barn. The horse’s relationship with Liz is based on trust and friendship. The herd experiences freedom and expresses their talents which are rewarded. I invite you to search her name on Google and see what pops up on the internet.

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While I watched Liz (on one of her videos), ride a two year old horse for the first time by simply putting a rope around the horse’s head to guide them, I realized that the notion of ‘breaking’ a horse simply doesn’t exist with Liz on her ranch.

Instead of being dominated, the horses want to participate and both human and horse share this connection to a higher wisdom. Horses teach us how to listen to this higher wisdom because they are guided by their intuition. Horses pick up body cues and experience emotions like love, pain, and joy. From my own experiences with horses on our farm as a child growing up, I have learned how they are in the moment and are incredibly intuitive creatures.

When I was a little girl, one of our horses named Tilly, would reach her head down to me when I wanted to brush her mane. She would reach her nose over to smell me and she would chase the other horses away. At a young age, I felt like she may have thought of me like I was like a young foal.

I was very upset when my sister and I later learned to ride and my sister was told by her trainer that horses were stupid animals. How could they be stupid when they could sense so much, like fear and joy?

I SAW the horses on our farm react to situations and they were far from stupid. I watched the horses and the cows as well as all the other animals follow my dad. Sure, there was food that they were attracted to, but it was also something else. It was the way my father was. His calm voice and sometimes stern voice would guide them. At a young age I learned how to listen ‘inside’ by watching horses relate to my father.

I too have found many answers to life by observing and being immersed in nature. I applaud Liz Mitten for the work she has done with her herd. One look at her grandkids laying in the grass with the foals in her video, is amazing to see. As funny as it sounds, I also realize that horses are not people and people need education in order to care for them. Liz Mitten is not a beginner in guiding horses and it shows.

I invite you to check out Liz Mitten’s Book and learn more about her at:

Enjoy! The next time you see a horse, take a moment to really “see” them for the magnificent creatures they are!

Love and hugs,


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