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The Art of Healing Through the Universal Laws (Part 2)

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The Law of Germination

I spoke about the law of polarity in part one of “The Art of Healing through Universal Laws.” Now I’d like to talk about a second law and how it can apply to healing from pet loss.

While I was getting started to write about how the law of germination applies to healing from pet loss, I went for a long walk. I remembered my time in high school where there was this great creative writing teacher who taught us how to put ‘things on the backburner.’ I loved this concept!

So, if we were blocked we were taught to do automatic writing and just have fun with our words. Then after a while, if we had an idea, we would jot it down and I’d watch how suddenly, a day or so later, I would be able to articulate something I had put on the backburner.

The idea grew! Imagine that…The backburner was this place where ideas grew and baked and then you could just take out your ideas in form of sentences from the oven and voila! You would have your writing assignment completed.

Did I remember it rosier than it really was? Have I put my experiences of high school on the backburner and made these memories more vivid?

I loved the freedom of not worrying about words flowing from pen to paper. Today, writing is not always so effortless and the backburner is too full of pots and pans of ideas that sometimes I can’t organize them all.

So I take a breath and remember why this law (the law of germination) is so powerful to me. The law of germination is like the walk I took before I sat down to write. The Law of Germination is a great backburner to me.

My mentor’s name is Gerry Robert. He is the author of the international best selling book; The Millionaire Mindset. In his book he talks about the Law of Germination and states: “This law says whatever is planted requires some time before it comes to fruition. Every idea, everything you plant, requires a certain action; a certain amount of time before the outcomes is realized. You need to sow your ideas, allow them to germinate, give them lots of energy and then you will reap the rewards”.

Remember what Val Van de Wall says, “Energy flows where to where the concentration goes”. The only way something will grow is if it receives energy. You have to apply a lot of energy, but be patient. You’ll get what you choose, but you must give it some time.”

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These are very powerful words with a lot of meaning. Maybe it was important for me to take that walk and put this post on the backburner before I sat down to write. Maybe things just have a tendency to work out. Maybe by not trying so hard, we can accomplish great things.

Our best is good enough and if I had the recipe for speeding up the healing process I would.

I hope you find comfort in this law of germination because when it comes to healing, so much work can be done when we allow things to just sit and germinate for a while….

Then we watch ourselves grow

Love and hugs,


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