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The Art of Healing Through the Universal Laws (Part 2)

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The Law of Polarity *

I remember growing up on our farm and having a whole gang of friends in the barn, outside the house and indoors. Our dog would always be there, under the table when I couldn’t finish my dinner. I was a little kid, and “Bonjour” the French poodle always showed up at the right time! As a child, my cats were my friends and would listen to anything and everything I said.

I continued to be a pet owner as a teen and then later as an adult. I learned how to be responsible for another being. I took my job seriously. When I had a hard time at school, you can be sure that my cats understood. They gave me unconditional love. I even liked the fact that they were independent and that they sometimes just wanted their own space.

Pets teach us how to live in the moment. It’s no wonder that some of the best therapists are pets. Dogs save lives, on ski hills and on the police force with their human co workers. Animals and their care givers visit a variety of places of healing, where there is illness and where there is sadness. There are even working dogs that stay with people who have to testify in the courts.

It’s as if our pets don’t even try. They make us feel better. They just are themselves and as corny as that may sound, I often wonder why human beings can’t be more in the moment too. We learn so much from our pets and when we lose that pet, life can be turned upside down.

It is no wonder that grief happens after such a loss. Society may not always understand, and we may not feel like we even have the permission to grieve, but we do. If there was a system that could be used to help a person heal from the loss of a pet or from any other type of loss, then I would want to know about this system!

The existence of laws:

It is important to realize that laws exist whether you are aware of them or not. For example, you might not understand the law of gravity but you know that if you jump into the air, you are going to come back tumbling down to the ground.

The same holds true for these Universal Laws. These laws exist even if we don’t know about them however, once we understand what they are all about, we can gain more control over our lives because we can make choices.

There are many Universal Laws, or Universal Truths.

My mentor is Gerry Robert. He is the bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset. In his book, he shares 4 Universal Laws and even though his book’s theme is not about losing a pet, the message from 2 of these laws strongly resonates with me in the area of bereavement, grief and loss.

I want to share these two laws with you starting with “The Law of Polarity.” You may be wondering how this law can help you with the grief you are feeling. Let me start by explaining what the law of polarity is all about.

Gerry Robert states:

“This universal law is powerful. I use it every day of my life. There are two sides to everything in nature except gravity. Every circumstance in life has its opposite; every situation can be seen two ways. IF something is very bad, then it holds the potential to be very good. If a situation is terrible, then it can also be fantastic from a different point of view. IF something is terrible, it has the ability of be fantastic on the other side. You can’t have an inside without an outside. It can be a long way up and not be a long way down. If you have an inside of a book, then you must have an outside of the book. There are two sides to absolutely everything.”

Can we use The Law of Polarity in Healing?

I took this law of polarity and I applied it to experiencing grief and loss. When we take a look at this law in more depth, we see that there are also two sides to healing.






Maybe we can’t see ‘both sides’ until we are on the other side of the healing. This other side of healing is where we can move on with our life, fit the pieces together and continue our journey knowing that we still claim a part of that which we have lost (our pet, our friend).

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Do you see the connection?

You see, healing is a necessary part of moving forward but it’s in the moments of doing the work of the healing that is the hard part and the part that can have the polarity that this law speaks about.

This healing process is a time that is neither pleasant nor fun, but we still go through it to get to the other place where we can feel better. The hard part or pain almost wakes us up and brings us to this other new place. Then time does its magic and helps us adjust, digest, and of course, heal. We experience the healing effects of time.

If you are experiencing grief for the very first time in your life, by reading this, you can gain some comfort into knowing that grief is universal and so is healing. Where ever you are on your path towards healing, you are exactly where you need to be. You have choices. Your choices give you the leeway to create, expand, and heal.

With the touching subject of pet loss, it’s never easy and it hurts. The death of a pet can feel exactly the same as if it was a family member or friend. Do you know why? It is because that is exactly what they were to you.

There isn’t a difference and the emotional connection remains the same. So it’s time to be good to you, to understand how normal it is to grieve. Remember, it gets easier with time and time does heal as cliché as it may sound – it’s true.

Love and hugs,


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