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The Celebration of Pets

The holiday season and the ending of a current year often bring feelings of reminiscence of previous years gone by. When experiencing the death of a beloved pet, feelings of sadness and grief can present themselves strongly, making this time of year challenging.

However you can choose to approach these feelings in an empowering way and actually yield a huge transformation.

Losing a pet is never easy. Our pets come into our lives and become our family, friends and confidants. They are there for us and give us unconditional love. It is no wonder we feel the sorrow and grief associated with not having them in our lives any longer.

The feelings of sadness and loss can become challenging, especially when the holidays are near.

Personally, I have had pets in my life, all my life. Growing up on a farm allowed the opportunity for many different types of pets to come into our family. After experiencing the grief and loss associated with losing many beloved pets, I knew there must be a way to feel better and heal.

I was encouraged to discover a way to be able to take the feelings of grief and transform them into healing.

Did you know that you can use the gifts you shared with your pet to help you heal?

When a friend comes to you with a gift for example, they take the time to wrap your gift in beautiful paper and they give you their gift.

They put their love/friendship into the process of the gift giving.

Our pets do the same. The unconditional love, laughter and friendship from your pets have been given to you in the form of a gift from their hearts to yours.

The beautiful thing about this is that your time together with your pet is now part of recorded history. It has happened; it’s now in the history books. That is something that can never, ever be taken away.

When you feel sadness, may these gifts bring you comfort in knowing that the love you share will always remain.

If you come to feel sadness at Christmas time, I invite you to take a real close look for the many gifts that are there from your pet. They are there waiting for you in a beautiful box with that beautiful paper. There in the energetic form of love living on in their memory.

Pets are angels with whiskers and tails instead of wings. Their gifts of many surround us every day. And that in itself is something to celebrate!

Love and hugs,


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