5 Steps to Save Money Without Cutting Corners in Pet Care

Statistics keep showing that pet owners are spending more money today than ever before to ensure their furry friends are healthy and happy.  The current $6.6 billion dollar industry continues to rise.

There are several ways in which you can save money while keeping Fluffy and Fido happy as well as your bank account.

  1. Pet bedding: Have you ever purchased a $50 bed for Frisky the cat to sleep in only to find out that Frisky prefers to sleep in the cardboard box the bed came in?  We tend to want the best for our pets in style, colour and décor and really all our pets want is something comfortable to sleep in.Taking a cardboard box, adding in bedding, towels and blankets can do the trick very nicely.  This leads to a savings of $20, $40, $50 and even higher.  What Frisky and let him tell your what he prefers!  Don’t worry, he’ll tell you loud and clear.  Here is a great video on how to do this using t-shirts, towels and bedding::  http://youtu.be/qxMEtODbDls
  2. One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure  – Many groups have formed, internet based and give away FREE pet items.  Two well-known examples are: Freecycle, and Craig’s List.  Not too long ago, I needed a large dog crate and checked Freecycle.  I found someone was giving away a brand new dog cage.  When I went to pick it up, it was perfect condition.  I saved over $100 that day. The price of keeping my pets happy and comfy = priceless!
  3. Buying Pet Food in Bulk  – When purchasing pet food, we want to ensure we are giving good nutrition to our pets.  This can be costly especially with animals requiring a lot of food day to day.  By purchasing in bulk can lower these costs.  Sure you have an initial investment up front however you won’t need to buy pet food for a long time and you will have money as bulk sized pet food are given a better pricing structure vs. buying a small amount at a time. Pet food shopping becomes less frequent and your dollar stretches much because of the bulk purchase.
  4. Pet Food Clubs & Coupons  – Most companies offer these types of services.  The Honest Kitchen and Holistic Select send out special offers on a regular basis.  Check out your local pet store to learn more. Check out your local community pet stores as well as online.  For example, in Canada and the United States, Petsmart, a larger chain offers various coupons and special deals.
  5. Make Your Own Household Cleaners:  Purchasing sprays and disinfectants are needed in cleaning your house and pet areas.  Have you ever thought of water and vinegar for example?  An alternative option is with Shaklee International.  They sell one of their most popular products called “Basic H” and a 474 ml bottle sells for $11.05.  Not only is Shaklee non toxic, it lasts a long, long time.  Only a few drops are needed to make a cleaning spray.  Safe essential oils such as lavender, orange or lemon can be used to give it an aromatic smell.   Not only does your Basic H bottle last for years, you have cleaning products for many years to come all for the price of $11.05.

Bottom line, having a pet will cost you money.  It’s how you go about that money that leads to ways of being able to save while still giving them what they need and a great quality of life.

They are happy, you are happy and so is your pocket book!  🙂

About the writer: Marybeth Haines empowers people to make choices that promote action, personal growth and healing.  She is an Author, Speaker and Consultant from Ontario, Canada.  She is also a wife, sister, daughter and also a mother to her furry children with tails and whiskers.  She is the author of The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss and is the founder of The Power of Pets organization.   Her focus is teaching proven step by step strategies in reinforcing the bond and connection between pets and people.   For a limited time, Marybeth is giving away copies of her book FREE of charge at: www.authormarybethhaines.com.  There is no obligation or anything to buy when receiving this book.  All that is required is a request and your book will be electronically delivered to you right away.



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