Holidaze and Pet Fun!

As a child growing up, the holidays for me were about boxes and playing inside of them. I could have this amazing doll or toy but I’d rather play first inside the box thank-you very much.  My older sister could pull me around in the box along the carpet if each one of us held on to a skipping rope. How much fun is that?… a ton of fun!  I remember getting this huge box that carried a piece of furniture.  Together with my brother, sister and I, the three of us kids made a huge house out of the box and the time lasted forever.  It was magical getting inside.

Today, the most curious pet or person in our home is my orange cat Mooshie.  If there is a new box or new piece of paper lying on the floor, he will find it and somehow make it his own.  I wonder what he would do if I were to take a lot of boxes and make a maze for him or even put boxes on top of each other, held with duct tape and let him find his way through.  My mind has this vision of Mooshie having his blanket and his toys all inside and he in all his glory going through his box house with the curiosity that he has for paper boxes.  Put pieces of paper crumbled up inside and he’ll have his dream home.  (Can you tell that we live at Mooshie’s house…not our house?)


Mooshie in one of his many boxes!

I’ve come to realize that when we have guests over, it’s best to get my imagination working and spend some time with Mooshie before the party.  We play games like, hide and seek with a flash light or I pet/brush him a little bit more.  I’m known to give him a new box (every box seems to be new to him) or even a toilet paper roll he can play with.  I’ve found that Mooshie feels better if he has that stimulation and will be happier when it’s time to visit with our guests.  I know of friends who will walk their dogs before a holiday party and really give them that extra amount of exercise and attention so that they will be content when guests come over.  Making sure your pet has lots of attention allows them to feel  loved and cared for and will help you in the long run when you may become occupied with holiday festivities.

There are many ways to give and to receive during this season.   I’ve been reading and thinking about ways that make sense to me when it comes to spending time with our pets during the holidays.  I’ve compiled a list of fun things you can do during the holidays to help pets both with and without homes:

  • When you are out for a walk, take a moment to appreciate the lights on the houses and watch your pet get in on the action. Stimulate them by throwing toys out into the snow for them to retrieve and burn off some of that extra energy in the snow.  Physical and mental stimulation makes a pet happy.
  • A great idea during this season of giving is putting treats in your car and wrapping them up as a gift…maybe adding a pet bowl, a toy or a collar.  Donating this to a local shelter or someone who may be without a home and has a pet will be certain to bring a smile.  Shelters can always use towels, blankets, food and bedding so these are always great things to keep on your donation list.
  •  Where permitted, taking your pet to a nursing home will light up the faces of the residents there…just watch the magic that occurs.  Pets heal and bring such happiness to our lives.
  •  Do you have a hard to buy for person on your Christmas list?  Instead of purchasing a gift, why not donate to rescue organizations in their name or even to companies that give a portion of that sale to homeless pets and people?
  • If you have parties during this season, why not ask each guest to donate to a local rescue or other charity for animals? During the holidays there is often less staff at the shelters for pets.  I give great gratitude to the folks that have taken a pet from the shelter home for the holidays as a foster pet to give them some stimulation and love during the holidays before they go back and find their forever homes.

The holidays are less stressful when you see it from a bird’s eye view, or from a pet’s point of view. Things are more sparkly, louder and interesting. Watch your pet observe the moment in the moment. How DO they do that?

Pets are a gift with many talents!

Enjoy the holidays and your loved ones and I find that giving to others makes a heart feel great.  I wish you a very happy holiday and will see you again in the New Year!




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