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The Power of Pets - Your FREE Copy

Dear Friend,

I wish to thank you for being a part of The Power of Pets.  You see it is because of our pets that we have come to meet.  They have created an opportunity for us to unite together and to celebrate them in their love and their gifts.

It brings me great joy to share these gifts forward and provide to you a FREE downloadable copy of The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools to Heal from Pet Loss.

Experiencing grief and loss is something that we have no choice but to experience at some point in our lives.  The loss of a beloved pet is one of those times.

May this book bring you peace inside so that you can heal and may it bring you comfort in knowing that the memories, the emotions and the healing can be held close to your heart as you take each step forward into the next phase of your journey.

To receive your FREE copy, click on the Book Cover Image below.  You may save this book to your computer to read and come back to any time you like.

Note:  For best viewing on your computer, it is recommended to view your copy in this way:

  1. Click on picture above to bring you to your book.

  2. Save your copy of your book to your computer.

  3. Open book in Adobe Reader (Adobe Reader can be downloaded for FREE at

  4. Go to View –> Page Display –>Two Page View and also click on Show Gaps Between Pages & Show Cover Page in Two Page View.

  5. This will allow you to read just like a book would read.

Warmly and in Gratitude,

Marybeth Haines

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