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5 Steps To Healing...Together

Can I share something with you? We’ve united together here and I’m so grateful for this supportive community. Whether it be through this website, events or online via Facebook and other social media, we come together, standing beside each other in celebration of our pets.

On the eve of Christmas, I found myself becoming emotional and realized that at this time of year…it gets me every time! 3 years ago, I was holding my sweet boy Kitty in my arms not knowing whether it was his time to go yet or not.

I remember finding him on the floor and it looked like he may have had a stroke. Troy wasn’t home at the time and was out of town with work. I remember praying and telling Kitty we were there for him and would be with whatever happens.

Then after a couple of moments, Kitty got up and walked away almost like nothing had happened. I second guessed myself and remember thinking if I imagined what had happened.

Throughout the evening, Kitty was more tired however seemed to be holding his own. He was purring and wanted to cuddle. Throughout the night, he slept in between us and we spent most of the night making sure he was okay. In the early morning hours, he started declining once again.

By Christmas day, it was clear that Kitty’s body was dying and that we needed to make a decision. Troy and I always held the intention of allowing no suffering and only the best for our little guy.

We wrapped Kitty up in a warm blanket and proceeded to the nearest emergency vet clinic. It was there that the vet confirmed his body had shut down and it was only a matter of time. We could of course go to a specialist hospital and get testing and treatment for him knowing however this would only prolong what was inevitable. It was his time.

I held Kitty in my arms and told him how much I loved him. Troy asked Kitty if there was a way to let us know he is okay, to please do so. We said goodbye to our sweet little boy and he took his last breath. He passed with such peace and I never witnessed anything more peaceful than his passing.

When we returned home, a magnificent sunset shone down upon us and it was clear…Kitty was telling us that he was okay! Today, at the same time of his passing….guess what we saw?

That magnificent sunset shining upon the tree line, surrounding the birds and into our home. Kitty was here once again letting us know of his love and to be with us at Christmas time.

I always speak about the gifts pets give to us. Kitty gives us the gift of love, family and so much more. Thank you Kitty, I cannot thank you enough. I love you my sweet boy xo


Let’s look at 5 key elements that can be integral parts to healing from pet loss.

1. Education

We learn every day of our lives. Each day brings new experiences and opportunities. Our choices represent how our lives continue moving forward. Learning is a significant part of healing and a valuable tool available to all.

2. Sharing

Sharing of information is a vital part of the healing process. When we are open to sharing, we also open ourselves to receiving. This allows for a beautiful exchange of support and empowerment.

3. Growth

As we continue to respect, share and learn, we find that we also grow. Growth is a massive area of the healing process because it is that when we grow, we heal. If we do not grow, we remain stagnant but when we choose towards growth we can find how powerful it really is.

4. Trust

In any type of relationship, trust is required. Trust is an integral part of healing and without it, the framework of support cannot exist. Once the foundation has been laid, the house can then be built. Therefore, once trust has been established, the doorway can open and healing can occur.

5. Optimism

There can be goodness in every situation. An optimistic mind can improve and affect one’s physical health, mental health and overall state. Through my personal experience, I have found that choices produce the outcome of what we hope to accomplish. And when choosing to be positive in daily interactions, we can begin to experience things in a different light. Can things still be challenging? Of course they can however the message here is in the “how” we choose to handle the obstacle.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”Victor Hugo Les Misérables.

If you are currently healing and are looking for additional tools to use, I invite you to implement these 5 key areas in your life. They are strategies that may take some time and it’s important to be gentle with yourself in the process. Remember, healing takes time and is not an overnight transition.

Our pets would want us to celebrate them. Let’s remember, “Pets are for life! Let’s honour, remember and celebrate together”.

Thank you for being open to reading this and taking the time to do so.

In friendship,


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