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Grieving & Healing - A Journey To Understanding

A few months ago, I attended Wienerfest in Embro, Ontario. A magnificent day connecting with fellow pet lovers in support of Tiny Paws Rescue and Helping Homeless Pets.

While I was there, I met Susan Nation of Talent Hounds we as we got to know each other a little better we learned of how I may be of support to her readers.

Talent Hounds share great information from “Monday Funday” to “Wordless Wednesday”. Each day of the week, someone is offered of value, connection and more….all in celebration of our furry canine friends. I for one can no think of a better way to celebrate than coming together in honour of our pets.

Animals bring so much to our lives, it’s only natural that we grieve their loss so strongly. When we remember their gifts, our connection together, it’s those gifts that remain with us forever..never to be taken away. My goal is to provide as much comfort as possible so that we can remember our pets and celebrate them.

Sometimes, when we are experiencing the myriad of emotions that follow the loss of a pet, we become confused or unsure why things are happening the way that they are. We don’t realize just yet that this is part of our own individual healing process and that this is valid, and very real. It’s when we can come to understand why this is happening and steps we can take to move forward in our healing journey.

I sincerely invite you to visit this guest post on the Talent Hounds website on learning that grieving is healing and understanding how the 5 stages of grief play a part in our lives. May this bring you learning, comfort and an opportunity to take a deep breath, giving yourself permission as you take each step, day by day.

When grieving the loss of a pet, there is no one right way to do so. Grief is unique and is handled in the best way that it is for you. Be kind to yourself knowing that you are doing the best that you can. Use the tools you have available to you and remember that we stand beside one another, supporting each other together. For it’s when we unite together, we also heal together.

Love and hugs,


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